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Hellerup Business Centre is your company's professional office.  We take the load off you and hold the fort for you, giving you the freedom to work where and when you want.

Hellerup Business Centre is a team of dedicated and service-minded staff who place themselves at your disposal.  We give your business a smiling, obliging, and effective telephone answering service every weekday from 8 am to 5 pm.  Together with all the other services that come with a modern, professionally run office.  And more.

We treat your customers as if they were our own.  We are your professional partners in the day-to-day running of your business.  We understand the importance of sales and we know that the quality of our efforts makes a difference for your business.

We are the obliging, efficient, and professional choice.

Telephone answering service

Two smiling receptionists answer your telephone every weekday from 8 am to 5 pm.  You redirect your main number to us or use our number as your main number.  We answer in a friendly and professional way, either with your company name or as you instruct, and we connect the call to your office, your mobile or wherever suits you.  And we tell you who is on the line before putting calls through.  You only get the calls you want, and only when you want them.  This gives you mobility and the freedom of always being in contact without being in the line of fire.  We are a small business centre, and 80% of the time it will be the same two people who answer your phone.  With back-up for sickness, holiday, etc.  We will soon get to know both you and your customers very well.  We speak English, Danish, Swedish, German and French.

Messages received are recorded electronically, with date and time, and forwarded by phone, e-mail, SMS, fax, etc., as you wish.  Give us a ring and hear the most important thing of all: how we sound on the phone.

Address service

Let your business address be with us at Strandvejen 100.  We offer efficient organisation and prestigious facilities in cheerful, friendly and modern premises that are ideal for most businesses.  You decide how we handle your post, e.g. daily forwarding via ordinary mail, e-mail, etc.  Unannounced visitors will be received in a friendly and accommodating way in our reception, and will be told that unfortunately you are not in the office right now.  This allows you to keep your business life and your private life apart.  Come and see the office for yourself.
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Fax service

Use our fax numbers as your own.  We handle incoming and outgoing mail, and forward faxes to you as agreed with you.

Conference room

When you want to meet a business partner face to face, you can use our pleasant and tasteful conference room.  We serve coffee, tea, water, or whatever you want.

Furnished Offices

We also have a small shared office facility where you can rent a ready-furnished office as part of a complete service package.  We see to the regular cleaning, washing-up, coffee-making, etc., and you can use the services of our reception, switchboard and secretaries.  Your rent includes the use of our conference room and other facilities.  Hellerup Business Centre provides excellent parking.  Ring for further details.

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Other services

If you need secretarial help, bookkeeping, etc., we can also manage that.


Your business is safe with us - you can rely on our complete discretion.  We are committed to full professional secrecy, and handle information and materials with the strictest confidentiality.

The next step

Ring us up and arrange a no-commitment meeting.  We believe in personal contact and would welcome an open discussion on what we have to offer both in general and specifically for you and your business.

Shall we start talking?

Pick up the phone and dial (+45) 39 77 50 00 or visit the office so we can say hello to each other.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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